Hear about the weight-loss, movement and mindset breakthroughs that my clients are having.

Emma Hyland Weight-loss


“My knee and calf are stronger and better and losing 20kg has had a huge impact on my self esteem.”

Jack Duggan Football


“I was waking up in pieces after a game of football or a round of golf... Now I wake up taller and pain free.”

Ronan Keating Personal Trainer UK

Ronan Keating

“His coaching is hard, effective and gave me the drive I needed to step on stage. Big shout out to Raw Motion Fitness.”

Carol's Raw Motion Fitness Success


"Brendan has helped to improve my mobility, co-ordination and shoulder pain!"


“We achieved my goal we set within 2 months of our 3 month program. We shifted the goal posts and are working towards hockey season!”

Mark James Raw Motion Fitness Testimonial

Mark James

“Brendan has helped to guide me with my diet, movement and mindset. The posture and movement training has been a game changer for me.”

Aine's Raw Motion Fitness Testimonial


"I've lost over 30 kilograms, changed my life and had the most amazing wedding thanks to Brendan's online coaching.”


"I love every workout Brendan puts me through... He is more than just a personal trainer, he is a friend a motivator and nutritional coach to boot! 


If you need help with your lifestyle and work is overwhelming you, Brendan is your man!


“Brendan's online coaching has helped me stay focused during a big move to a new city. We used to train 121 together and his coaching has helped me lose 8 kilograms and develop serious confidence in my training.”


"Brendan has helped me get fitter, stronger and more mentally resilient. He has helped me believe in myself more. He has also helped me fix my posture and inspired me to train on my own."


"Brendan has been my coach for over 4 years, we have worked through so much together - it is impossible to put into words how much he has shifted my mindset and training focus over the years.”


I lost inches around my waist, move better than ever and feel like I am so powerful on the tennis court!


"I highly recommend Brendan as a coach, not just for his mindset and movement coaching, but because of his friendly, professional approach."


“I've lost inches around my belly, I feel awesome but I also love how Brendan has helped me find the spark to train on my own!”


"Brendan has done a fantastic job building up my mental strength and fitness ahead of fitness competitions."


"Brendan has helped me lose weight and move faster and more powerfully than ever before."


“Not only has Brendan's coaching helped me lose 8 kilograms, but he has helped me combat severe lower back pain... His Foundations of Movement program is world class coaching from an industry expert”


I met Brendan when he gave me an induction - I had never been to the gym before and had no idea what to do. Brendan has a comprehensive approach but has taken me from being unable to do a push up to losing weight, getting fit and being able to train on my own.


“Brendan's online coaching has helped me with structure, and managing my time. As  busy professional, and soon to be mum, he has taught me how to look after my health. I lost 6 kilograms on his programme and loved our weekly calls.”


I have lost so much weight and for the first time in 20 years I have dropped below 100 kilograms. Brendan has also been helping me with my hip replacement."

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