Coaching Philosophy

Everything is integrated. Movement, diet, mindset, it's all day, every day. 

Being in pain is not natural...

Movement is at the forefront of everything that we do as human beings. From my experience and with 1000s of hours training clients to reference, it is clear to me that the stresses of our modern world are the very things that hold us back in society. 


When I started in the fitness industry, I soon realised it was broken. Health was not being developed by any coaches or 'health clubs' as something that is a lifestyle...


It was not being taught to members and clients as an integrated part of their lives.


In fact, most of the staff that worked in the same building were some of the most unhealthy people I have ever met. 


In addition, the fitness industry is governed by a shallow and un-intelligent mode of operation... 


Chasing aesthetics as the primary goal of a programme is not functional for us as humans.


Function should drive aesthetics... In other words, an athlete does not train to be physically beautiful... They train to be functional.


Take, for example, Usain Bolt. He does not flaunt his physique, he just performs... It is in his nature because it was nurtured in his life from a young age. 


We are being nurtured into spending far too long sitting in chairs and walking with poor posture.


So too are we being nurtured into believing that training once a day, intensely, is good for us, so long as we burn calories. 


We are being told that the fitness industry basics of eating less and training more will change our lives...


So we hit the gyms and the diet plans hard to create the life we want, but we forget that we have been sat in chairs all day, eating fast food, adopting poor digestive and physical dysfunctions.


When you combine those things with hard, intense training, you are inches away from injury or problems. Often this situation ends in... PAIN. 


Physical pain often ends with intervention, but what if this could be avoided?


Emotional pain often ends up with poor choices in our diet, but what if the emotion can be channelled? 


Armed with the right knowledge of your own body and mind, you will never have to train another day in your life or eat another fad diet... You will simply nurture yourself to be PAIN FREE. 

My Philosophy...

We have the chance to operate at a higher frequency than we believe. 


Our lives are fast-paced, more aggressive and more intense than ever before and in order to cope with it we need less intense stimulation, less annihilation of our bodies and more intelligent ways of operating in life. 


How we organise our thoughts, our movement and our diet is paramount to our success. I coach a very simple formula that is very powerful. 


When you adopt this philosophy you overcome fear and turn your back on pain for good... 

The Power Of The Pyramid

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